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the very best of me, now and always.I am Grovian.



We aim to unlock the potential of each individual within a supportive environment in which pupils can be confident and proud of their achievements and believe that there is no glass ceiling to their academic attainment.

“Good teaching and strong pupil-teacher relationships underpin learning across the school.” – ISI Inspection Report 2017



With academic facilities that are second to none, Grove pupils are challenged to make the most of their abilities and take responsibility for their own progress.

“Pupils throughout the school achieve highly because the school expects that they will and encourages them to be ‘the best that they can be’.” – ISI Inspection Report 2017

I am everything I want to be. I am Grovian.

“Pupils across the school are open, friendly and highly confident. They are energetic and busy, without being pressurized, because they know they are supported and encouraged by staff to ‘have a go’.” – ISI Inspection Report 2017



Providing a full and rounded education is key to unlocking potential. We never underestimate the importance of sports, music or the arts, and the enrichment that these pursuits can bring to a child’s life.



From the moment a pupil steps through our doors, they join a community where values are instilled and friendships are forged that will last a lifetime.

I am an individual, yet I am part of something incredible. I am Grovian.

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Now & Always

Dr Aaron Soane


"The social skills I developed at school have helped carry me through all aspects of my life."

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James Whitcombe

Rugby Player

"We can’t thank Keith Jones, Roger Howard, Adrian Sweeney and the rest of the staff at Woodhouse Grove enough for their support.”

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Tom Bould

Squadron Leader

"The education I received from the Grove was more than just about academic success."

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Becky Ives

Reporter and Presenter

"Woodhouse Grove gave me the foundations to turn my passion into a job."

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Emma Humphreys

Law - Principal Associate

“I am so thankful to the Grove for all it has given me."

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Andrew Smith

Lord Mayor of Westminster

"I owe a lot to Woodhouse Grove. As a dyslexic it gave me the support I needed..."

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Dr Kulwant Johal

Managing Director

"The Grove was life changing for me..."

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