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SANCTUARY WORSHIP Saturday 5:30pm | Sunday 9:00am, 10:30am, 11:59am @ 20th & D St
FP SOUTH WORSHIP Sunday Noon @ Scott Middle School (2200 Pine Lake Rd)

DIGITAL WORSHIP Sunday 9:00am | LIVESTREAM Sunday 10:30am

You Are Welcome Here.

We are Christian, Open-minded, Spiritual, Evolving and Diverse.


Homer, Moses, Sitting Bull, Buddha and Jesus meet for coffee

For the first Sunday in Lent, Dr. Keck will show how truth meanders through different religious traditions by using Native American spirituality, Buddhist thought and ancient Greek religion to illuminate the Biblical texts that begin this holy season. However, as Christians the truth in our own tradition is only fully expressed in the Christ himself, not by a given doctrine or teaching. Join us this Sunday for a spiritual adventure through the texts.

This Sunday, at both the 9:00am & 10:30am services, the Castle Singers & Kammerstreicher Strings from Wartburg College will lead us in worship.

Sat 5:30pm | Sun 9:00am, 10:30am, 11:59am
Sun 10:30am Livestream


Who Are We? An Old Church in a New World

Sermon Series Launching March 6th, Noon @ FP South (Scott Middle School, 2200 Pine Lake Rd)

These days many are wondering about what matters most. What they will give their life to, make time for, prioritize. What about church? Do we matter? Are we going to be part of what people around us give their life to, make time for, and prioritize? Yes, but only if we live into our calling, if we live into who we are! In the weeks ahead let us go on a journey to reclaim our identity as a community whose identity is rooted in an ancient faith yet committed to being in the world today, a community that is Christian, Open-Minded, Spiritual, Evolving, and Diverse. A spiritual community for today. 

Embracing the Dark

What if the dark wasn't all bad? What if it actually was how we know the light? Join Pastor Hollie Schmidt for worship online this Sunday!

Sunday 9:00am Digital Worship

Worship With a Beat

First-Plymouth Church's Multi-site Worship Service

FP South, is currently scheduled to begin Sunday, March 6, at Noon at our new location at Scott Middle School (2200 Pine Lake Rd). Go to brunch or an early lunch and join us for worship at First-Plymouth South!


Care & Support

First-Plymouth is a loving, caring congregation. We offer support through difficult times along life’s journey. If you or a loved one would appreciate some pastoral support, we encourage you to let us know through our Care Connection.

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First-Plymouth is an architectural icon. But a closer look reveals incredible artistic details, each with it’s own purpose and story. Artistry is part of the spirit at First-Plymouth—Music, community works, commissioned art—are all an important part of our mission.


Outreach & Social Justice

First-Plymouth touches thousands of lives each week with the good news of Jesus Christ. From local community support (Meals-On-Wheels, Matt Talbot, etc.) to international mission trips, our congregation strives to meet the needs of our community and our world.

A Diverse Community

A variety of small groups, events and workshops offer opportunities for friendships, spiritual and personal growth. Children & Youth, LGBTQ, Singles, Climate Action Team & Animal Ministry are just a few of the many community events and groups at First-Plymouth.


First-Plymouth is a church that strives to live the depth and beauty of the historic Christian faith, while being radically inclusive and open-minded. Spirituality, beautiful music, mysticism, social justice, and the life of the mind all blend together in this spiritual community whose mission is to “increase the love of God and neighbor.”


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